+ after a bit of coughing, craig ferguson says he has a 'frog in my throat'. then he wonders aloud where that phrase comes from? well, after poking around a bit, here are a couple proposed origins:
1. In the past in was feared that a frog was really present when this sensation occurred. In olden times people often drank from ponds and streams; there was always the possibility of swallowing a whole animal or, worse, its eggs. If the eggs were taken in, then they were said to hatch inside and, when ready to come out, would cause a choking feeling.
2. it comes from the old english word 'frogga', meaning 'hoarseness'.
not sure which is accurate, but its quite interesting none the less.
+ craig shares this amusing story: 'i met mike myers in a restaurant once and i said 'you do a fantastic scottish accent!' and he replied 'its not as good as yours'.'
+ a skit of what bono and the edge are talking about in the green room before performing on 'american idol gives back'.
- kaley couco. the girl from 'big bang theory', i was quite pleasantly surprised at how good she was able to improv along with craig. impressive.
+ what did we learn? earlier in the show he put on some lip stuff from a cute girl in the audience, it was some sort of lip enlarger thing. at the end of the show he said 'its not a good idea to borrow cosmetics from women. now ive got to go to the hospital. good night!'

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