+ careful what you wish for... today craig ferguson got his wish! yesterday on the show he said how he really wanted to see monkeys doing riverdance, and today he got his wish! he showed a clip from youtube of a bunch of monkeys doing a riverdance (is hilarious, watch it here)
+ earlier craig talked about how the ferris wheel on santa monica pier went up for sale, and that got him thinking about the days he used to work as a carnie: 'i used to work at a carnival, but i knew working with clowns, freaks, and low pay wasnt for me, so i came to work at cbs. oh the irony...'
- lynn tweddle. she is craigs little sister! how strange! it was really fun to watch them interact with each other and pester each other as sibling do. even by the end of the interview she wasnt convinced that craig really had his own show. 'we always played elaborate trick on each other...'
+ what did we learn? learned monkeys do riverdance! 'my faith has been renewed, i believe there is beauty in the world now.'

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