+ 'this ones going to have alot of action,' craig ferguson says of the movie 'forbidden kingdom', 'you know its not going to be a stuffy drama with jackie chan and jet li sipping tea.' using a stuffy british accent 'i do say, kiss me jet li' 'kiss you gently?' 'yes lord percy'...
+ craig talks about how this movie has two of his favorite things: kung fu and time travel! he begins talking about the book 'the time machine' by h g wells. he says its about two races of people, the beautiful people live above ground, and the ugly ones live underground- 'enjoy the fresh air while you can, trump!'
a great quote by craig: 'sci fi writers are a lot like talk show hosts- they get no respect, no money, and are always looking for intelligent life among the stars...'
craig gets an email from someone in potomac, which he mispronounces as po-to-mac and laughs saying 'sounds like an irish super hero, half man, half potato!'
- kristen bell. she shows off how she has a lazy eye and can move them independently. weird...
+ craig got a little stuffed horse from one of the audience members and proceeds to play with it during the last couple minutes of the show making horse noises and peeking under its tail.

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