million dollar password

craig ferguson recently appeared on 'million dollar password' as a celebrity contestant. the show is hosted by regis philbin, and he introduces craig by saying 'joining us tonight, one of the funniest comedians, very unique, very original, from the late late show on cbs, craig ferguson!' craig waves to the crowd and regis comments 'and, uh, thanks so much for dressing up...'
'anyway craig,' continues regis, 'it's great to see you, love your monologues; very unique, off the cuff, just great stuff.'
craig responds 'thank you regis, i feel the same way about you, but today- stay out of my way!'
regis retorts 'and incidentally, welcome to primetime tv'
'hey, knock it off!' craig responds.
as the game progressed craig did a great job and was very good at giving clues and guessing words. he was selected to help by both contestants and he won both of them twenty five thousand dollars!

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