craig ferguson's holiday christmas spectacular

its that time of year once again where everyone has their christmas specials. we are told that unfortunately cbs wasn't willing to air craig ferguson's special, so he decided to air it himself. this is a sketch in the style of those old christmas specials where the host is in his living room and some famous guests stop by and chat. a guy doing is dressed up playing the part of craig (this guy is terrible and unfunny, he needs to be fired!), and different guests stop in to say hi. first, craig comes in dressed up as michael caine with a glass of wiskey in one hand, and a bunch of double entendres in the other. he leaves and after a few seconds craig comes back dressed as prince charles, bearing gifts for 'craig'. after he is gone, craig comes back dressed as santa! it was a really funny bit, well, except for the guy playing 'craig'.

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