+ this week the new movie 'the wrestler' comes out and craig ferguson tells us all about it: 'apparently the movie reveals some hard truths, because it turns out that wrestling is fake! i haven't been this shocked since i found out clay aiken is gay. now, a lot of wrestlers have signature moves, like chris jericho as 'the walls of jerecho'. well, i've got my own signature move, i call it the 'ferguson pull-my-finger', they never see it coming!'
'i'm going to take a controversial stance here and say that wrestling is not a sport.' the crowd 'ooh's, 'dont you ooh me! you're not vince mcmahan. in the state of new jersey the courts ruled that its not a legitimate sport. and if the state of new jersey says you're a bit shady, then you're a bit shady!'
+ a sean connery holiday memory
- samuel l. jackson he was in top form and really funny!

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