+ it's christmas time!' craig ferguson exclaims, 'now, my christmas is usually pretty low key. you know, a crackling fire, roasted nuts... i have to remember not to stand so close to the fire this year.'
craig goes on to share a few family traditions in his household: 'when i was a kid santa never brought us much. our tradition, what we used to do is yell up the chimney for santa. my dad would be sitting there 'yell up the chimney, son' 'hey santa, can i have a bike?' my dad would be standing behind me 'no, we dont have any bikes left. how about a potato? you can carve it into any shape you like'.'
'the whole family would hang stockings, every year the stockings are always filled with the same things: tangerines and chocolate. i have no idea why, its not a combination you see at any other time of year. tangerines and chocolate, but thanks to that diet i got zits, but never got scurvy!'
+ tom arnold stops by in a santa suit
- billy bob thornton comes bearing gifts.

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