+ the golden globe nominations were announced, and craig ferguson has a pretty strong opinion about them: 'ah, the golden globes, the most corrupt award show in hollywood, in a town that is no stranger to corruption... here's how it works: the nominations are selected by the hollywood foreign press association. now, when you hear 'foreign press', you think prestigious journalists, lamond, or der speigel, but they are not these guys. they are from the amsterdam penny saver, or the zurich yoddler, the belgrade auto trader... and theres only 90 of these 'journalists'. every year they vote for which ever studio gives them the coolest gifts! they are for sale, every year the studios spend millions of dollars trying to bribe the foreign press into giving them a nomination. they should be using the money for something productive, like buying a seat in the senate...'
+ murder she wrote 2008
- brooke shields she and craig presented at the emmy awards together.

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