+ 'its a big day in st. petersburg, russia', craig ferguson shares, 'the G20 summit is going on and i'm stuck here!  but the G20 is where the heads of government get together and talk about the global economy, the european recession, miley cyrus on the vma's...  'what was she doing with her tongue?'  the big time world leaders are at the G20, vladimir putin is there representing russia, and of course barack obama is there representing nigeria...  anyway, reports are saying that putin wasn't in a good mood today.  i'm not surprised, putin just lost half his stuff in a divorce!  anyway, obama and putin are having dinner tonight to patch things up.  a little advice for obama- stay away from the sushi...  all eyes are on obama because of syria, he wants to use military strikes.  even his allies don't agree with him: britain wants to use economic embargoes, france wants to use sarcasm.'
- vin diesel
- sara gilbert

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