+ 'its a great day for the wonderful artist known as beyonce', craig ferguson shares, 'beyonce's birthday today- happy birthday, your ladyship.  she's 32 today, also its l.a.'s birthday today.  the city of los angeles was founded on this day 232 years ago.  now, los angeles and beyonce are very different of course, one's great to spend a couple nights in if you get the chance, and the other... um, lets just forget that, shall we?  now, i've made fun of los angeles many times on this show, i've called it a dump, ive called it ugly, i've said its a terrible place to live... but its l.a.'s birthday today!  it was founded in 1781 by the spanish.  now you may want to sit down for this.  people in l.a. used to speak spanish. used to, eh?'
- elijah wood
- brie larson

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