+ 'it is a great day for dianna naya', craig ferguson informs, 'she's the 64 year old woman who was the first person to swim from cuba to florida without a cage.  apparently people have done it before with a cage.  i don't know how its done, i would think it would be harder with a cage, wouldn't it?  you have to hold up the cage and swim the whole time?  that would be damn near impossible!  swimming without a cage, great, but what about swimming with a cage?  anyway, she did it and it was very inspiring, but i'm concerned about the practice of putting old people in cages!  its an amazing thing, a 64 year old woman swimming from cuba to florida though, it took endurance and perseverance and some pretty fucking lazy sharks, i'd say!  i mean, come on sharks, really?'
- jay leno
cameron esposito

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