+ craig ferguson made a little mistake: he tells us that before the show he 'had those chips that dont make you fat...' and now he has to race off stage to the bathroom between each commerical break. oops...
in quite strange news, craig says that the greek island of lesbos is suing a gay rights organization saying that only their inhabitants can be called lesbians. 'a whole island of lesbians? get my travel agent on the phone! break me off a piece of that!'
+ late late show regular tim meadows reports on the new game 'grand theft auto 4'. craig asks him what the game is about and tim replies 'its about a sleezy eurotrash dirtbag who moves to america... sound familiar?'
= she & him. zooey daschanels band
+ what did we learn tonight, craig? 'potato chips making you fat- thats just natures way. mess with it and youll pay.'

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