+ just getting back from the capitol, craig ferguson had a lot to share about his time at the white house corespondents dinner. first off the most important 'i know your probably wondering 'does the president smell presidenty?' yup. he smells like daisies.'
'it was a really fancy dinner and i didnt know which fork to use, so i watched the president and did the opposite. it worked out pretty well.' one of the things that craig especially likes is that 'the president spoke before i did, so i guess he was kind of my warm up guy!'
+ 'it seems that everyone is mad at me, but one journalist said i was like goldilocks: not too harsh, not too boring, but just right. either that or its because i was wearing a blonde wig and slept with bears.'
+ 'dick chaney came up to me after the show, patted me on the back and said 'enjoy your audit...' hes funny for an evil guy, i tell ya!'
- ewan mcgregor. he and craig are a blast to watch, its obvious that these two are close friends and were giddy like school girls when they are together!
+ ewan is on an 'espn uk' skit and it is riotously funny! he wears a fake mustache like craig does in the skit, but it proceeds to fall off as they go along. one of the funniest bits ive ever seen on the show! check it out here.
+what did we learn tonight, craig? we learned how dick chaney dances, that nothing is worse than a firecracker up your ass- these two things are not necessarily related... fake mustaches dont always stay on, and one late night appearance can discredit even the finest of actors.

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