ratings win!

it was a good week for craig ferguson and the late late show. with all the changes that have been happening over the past year in late night talk shows, it looks like things are finally looking up for the underdog! all the late night shows on nbc have been shaken up, leno is on at 10, conan is now opposite dave, and jimmy fallon took over the slot conan left empty. each of these changes have gotten a bunch of publicity and a lot of attention. with letterman's scandal earlier this fall, he got a ton of attention too. that leaves us with one late night talk show host who seems to have been left in the dust: craig ferguson. well, he may not get all the publicity, but he still gets results! as tvbythenumbers.com reports here, for the first time since the shake up of hosts on nbc, craig ferguson has won the week in ratings against his competitors! this means that the average number of viewers for the week is higher for his show than for jimmy fallon! well done craig, it couldnt have happened to a stranger guy!

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