the soup

on the E! channel there is a show called 'the soup' hosted by joel mchale where he makes fun of the weeks television shows. joel has been on craig ferguson's show quite often. the last time joel was on craig asked him when he would get to be on 'the soup' and joel said whenever he wanted. being true to his word, craig was on 'the soup' on january 30!
joel mchale starts by saying 'on this week's episode of '24'...' and craig steps into camera and says 'woah woah woah! you can't just tell us whats happening on '24'!' joel responds 'hey! it's the star of the conveniently named 'late late show with craig ferguson', craig ferguson! i have to tell everyone what happened on '24', how else am i going to kill a minute of tv time? it's not like you can just ramble on for a solid minute and make everything entertaining and then just say 'it's reality show clip time' and hope it all makes sense!' craig replies 'you're saying something about my show, aren't you? you're saying that what i do on my show is go on and i ramble on and what i say doesn't make sense and i hope its entertaining! your saying that about my show, but let me tell you something, mister. but i dont go out there and tell them what's happening on '24', you don't want to tell them whats happening cause they might want to watch it again. and your going to ruin it cause 'ooh, look at me, i'm joel mchale with my skinny tie, and ooh, look how tall i am, i'm 25 foot tall! well you know what, pal? fuck you! and fuck your show! oh, it's reality show clip time!' the whole time craig kept busting up laughing and couldn't keep the smile off his face. he came back a couple minutes later to mock the show 'the city' from mtv.

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