+ 'the detroit auto show is this week', craig ferguson informs us, 'the american automakers are showing off their cars, unfortunately the companies didn't get as much in the bail out as they thought they would get, so a ticket to the show costs 1.3 billion dollars, but its worth it! i like how at the auto show you look at all the cars and there's always a hot girl next to it showing it off. any car looks better if theres a hot girl on the hood! i don't know why they are there, is it so you know where the car is? 'hmm, i kind of don't recognize cars when i see them... oh look! a hot girl- oh a car is underneath her!' i feel bad for those models as well, cause it's the same question all day 'do you come with the car?' 'do you come with the car?' 'do you come with the car?', and the answer is always the same: 'no craig, i do not. put your pants back on and get out of here!'.'
- john corbett talks and sings
- tracie toms

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