warm up comedian

when i visited the show back in april i got to see how the show goes. before craig ferguson comes out the audience is treated to a warm up comedian, he is someone who comes out and gets everyone riled up so that when craig starts we will know how to conduct ourselves- lots of laughs! he started by reminding everyone that if we think he is funny we should laugh loud, 'the camera doesnt hear smiles!'. he told some jokes, most of them fairly lame, in order for us to practice our laughing. another tried and true trick he used: throw free candy into the crowd! he told us often that we should applaud loudly when craig first comes out 'i want to hear thunder!'
(the rest of my awesome visit to 'the late late show' is talked about here)


Anonymous said...

I've been hearing a bit about the warm up comedian over the past few weeks, and just thought it was the cold opening Craig does at the beginning. In fact when I was reading this just now Craig was joking about the warm up comedian's "THUNDER!!" comment. Thanks for this.

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