+ remember that person who got a sex change, but then got pregnant? well, craig ferguson shares that 'tonight barbara walters has an interview with the man who got pregnant. its called 'what is a man? what is a woman?' now, i thought i knew! a man has a peepee, a woman has a shoe collection. they both love them, admire them for hours, lie about their size...'
+ dear aquaman
+ sketch of the new bond film with sean connery as bond again, with jim parsons playing the evil bad guy- very funny!
- andy richter (craig and andy were in 'larry the wonder dog' together. both of them thought it sucked! i saw it and i must say they are not wrong...)
+ at the beginning of the show one of the workers of the show, megan o'toole, cut her long hair from locks of love, the cancer charity.

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