+ today craig ferguson has some things to say about the election. its time to set straight the perception some have of the process: 'the country has problems, we wont solve this by being polite. a french philosopher once said 'its better to debate a problem without settling it, than to settle a problem without debating it.' and its never been more true. the media is too easy on the candidates. the only major media figure who holds these guys to account is jon stewart. he is! i love jon stewart, he does a great show, but hes a comedian! on the comedy network!!! whats it say about the state of the union when the best political analyst is on right after 'battle bots'?!? i think we are to blame here, 'we the people', this year tens of millions of americans wont vote, which is pathetic. you hear people complain about our image around the world, nothing makes us look worse than not voting!
democracy is always under threat, the threat right now is complacency. in poland, when they were trying to bring down communism in the 80's, there was this thing called 'the solidarity movement.' in 1989 there was a referendum in poland to decide if they were going to stay with the soviet communist party, or go for democracy. and the polish government, instructed by the kremlin, was to break the heads of anyone supporting an opposition party like the solidarity party. the people were scared. they didnt know what to do. the night before the vote, solidarity members plastered warsaw with posters, and the posters had such a powerful image that it inspired the nation. on the poster is gary cooper in 'high noon', thats what they used. instead of a gun, hes holding a ballot paper. the best way these polish workers knew how to symbolize the struggle against communism was a single amarican armed with a ballot. remember that the next time someone tells you voting is a waste of time.'

+white trash style tips with tim gunn

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