+ 'abc just had a two hour special interview with sara palin', craig informs us, 'it was called 'extreme makeover: republican party edition'- move that bus!'
+ recently craig asked if he should put his earring back in. he used to wear it, but took it out a couple years ago. 'a guy can wear an earring until hes 40, then he has to take it out until hes 60, then he can put it back in. if you wear it after 40 it just looks like your trying too hard 'stop wearing your hat backwards, old man', but when your 60 you can put it back in because thats old enough not to care what everyone thinks about you.' after getting a few responses back and most of them saying that he should, he put it back in, which looked kind of funny because he put in a skull earring, which is stupid.
+ highlanders skit, which is basically just a ford commercial in disguise.
- sean william scott was supposed to be there, but it seems that he got stuck in traffic and wasnt able to make it, so craig had the staff member in charge of making sure guests arrive on time on instead as punishment. her name is lisa ammerman, and she hated every minute of it, telling us that she is not at all a fan of being in front of the camera. craig jokingly suggested, not so subtly, that she might not have to worry about it because she wont be coming back tomorrow...

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