+ 'ive been having trouble sleeping,' craig ferguson admits, 'and i made a big mistake: i turned on the news- that scared me so bad i couldnt fall asleep'. 'there was a story about the north korean dictator kim jung ill missing, which got me nervous. i really shouldnt be watching cnn, because after the kim jung ill story, there was a report that made me even more nervous: its about a thing called the 'super collider'. its a thing that collides with other things. its super, apparently... its designed to analyze the big bang. it must be run by lady scientists, their not just happy with the big bang, they have to analyze it, talk about it, cuddle...'
+ dear aquaman
- russell brand my goodness, this guy was hilarious!!! i was cracking up the whole time, it was obvious that craig liked him too because he stayed for the rest of the show!

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