+ 'its day three of my olympic boycott and its going very well,' says craig ferguson, 'i have, ive boycotted it, im having no part in the chinese government! i havent watched a minute of it. except for the three hours i watched last night, and every night since it started... i ahve to keep my eye on the enemy: damn you michael phelps, you have breast stroked your way into my heart!'
'last night was woments gymnastics and china took the gold. the american gymnasts are complaining that the chinese girls arent old enough, they are saying that some of the chinese gymnasts might be as young as 10 years old. im thinking: im sorry, if the excuse theyre using is 'they used a ten year old girl', then maybe your 'sport' might not be a sport! you would never hear that excuse in a real sport! its not like in the NFL youd hear a coach say 'i want you guys to go out there and play like ten year old girls!' that doesnt happen in real sports!'
- julie chen. craig does his weekly check in with the residents of the big brother house.
< ron irizarry. he won a contest to write a theme song for the movie 'henry poole is here'.

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