just a quick observation: craig fergusons sound effect machine is gone! ever since craig has first been on the air he has had a little machine next to his desk that he would often press buttons on, which made different sound effects. most often he would use this during a return back from a commercial, saying 'welcome back, my cheeky wee monkeys' and then play a monkey sound, or he would say we were naughty and use the whip cracking sound. usually he would use several back to back. another important function was that he used to press a button that would play a mooing sound at the end of his show and say 'well, thats the cow of time, looks like its time to go. good night everybody!' but now with the recent change to craig ending with a show summary he hasnt been doing the cow of time for a while now. he must have figured that it was an opportunity to loose some of the clutter. ill miss some of the sound gags, but its also good that craig is always changing things ups and trying to stay fresh.

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