a brief history (part 1)

i used the watch the late late show several years ago. i always enjoyed the comedic stylings of craig kilborn. he had a sort of northeastern sense of humor, a bit ivy league. he also seemed to have an interest in morrissey, which would be the reason i would tune in most times...
when i heard he was stepping down from the show i was a bit surprised. he hadnt had the job that long, and he was already moving on. well, i guess it made sense, he did the same thing at comedy central with 'the daily show.'
soon after, cbs announced that they were going to pick between three different guest hosts. one of them was michael ian black, who i recognized from 'best week ever' and 'stella'. another canditate was that scottish guy from 'the drew carrey show'. there were a couple more, but i dont remember who. i was pulling for black, i had never seen him do any of his guest hosting, but i thought he was quite funny in those other shows. when the official announcement came that craig ferguson had gotten the job, i figured i should tune in and see what was so great about this scottish guy.
and boy, did i figure it out quickly!

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