a brief history (part 2)

in my regular blog i have referred to craig quite often, below is a quick recap of some of the things i have mentioned about him earlier:

for the past month or two i have come to discover a new truth in life. it is one that i know most of my friends would really look down on me for, but i feel convicted. growing up most of my life thinking one certain thing to be true, but then slowly discovering that there is a better option, a stronger voice in the crowd. it has been a very difficult journey to this point, but now i feel as if i dont stand up and say it, then i am denying who i am. and i refuse to let society and those around me try and bully me out of what i feel is right. so i come to you with conviction in my heart as i say to you this: craig ferguson is funnier than conan obrien.

'hello everybody, and welcome to the late late show, i am your host craig ferguson. its a great day for america...' thats how craig always starts out his show, and tonight was the first time ive heard it in far too long. why? because craigs back on the air!!! ive been waiting eight long weeks for this. along with every other show on tv, it has been affected by the writers strike. now, the strike itself is a good think if it gets the writers more money, but im sick of it and i am glad craigs back on the air. for some reason david letterman got the writers guild to allow writers back to his and craigs show. i dont know how, but im happy.
and tonights episode, let me tell you, was a great one! i knew the strike was coming back in november, and i tried to plan ahead by keeping some episodes in reserves on the tivo for whenever i might need my craig fix. well, that went dry a couple weeks ago, so this is perfect timing for me! tonight craig was in fine form- it was very obvious that he was excited to be back. he was grinning ear to ear the whole monologue and sounded positively giddy the whole time. we was going off on tangents the whole night and making himself laugh just as much as he was making me laugh! there were no guests on the show tonight, rather, they had a bunch of skits to show off the great writing. in one bit he answered a phone call from the governor, but said 'hello?' before he picked up the phone- he started laughing at himself and riffing on it so much that they almost had to scrap the skit because there wasnt going to be enough time!
all i can really say is that im glad hes back on with new shows, i was running out of great jokes i try to pass off as my own material!

after a couple years of him joking about it, craig ferguson finally became an american citizen! hes always had jokes like 'i better be careful what i say, they could deport me!' and just a few months ago he challenged everyone to ask their local mayor to accept him as an honorary citizen. he finally took the test, and he passed! last week they showed him at a mass meeting being sworn in, and now he is a full fledged citizen, he can vote and everything!
as a way of celebrating him now being an american, he had on a really cool scottish band called the wicked tinkers. its a cool band made up of guys playing drums, bagpipes, didgeridoos, and other strange and fun instruments. they have been on the show once before, they performed on the show as a tribute to his father soon after he passed away. it was really a very moving episode, to be honest. but this time they were there to celebrate! and boy, did they. craig even loosened his tie, grabbed a drum, and joined in! they actually played two songs, and it was a riot! it was fun to see craig genuinely excited and loving it- it was very contagious!

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