+ 'big movie out today that i'm very excited about: cowboys and aliens', craig ferguson states, 'its about cowboys and aliens! if cowboys and aliens is successful, they will start mixing westerns with other genres: cowboys and sharks, cowboys and vampires with sexy abs, cowboys and tyler perry in a fat suit. i'm excited cause i love cowboy movies and i love alien movies and the last time i combined two things i loved like this was when i curled up with a six pack of eclairs and watched glee! the title of the movie is vague though, cowboys and aliens. are we talking violent aliens like 'independence day' aliens, or friendly aliens like in 'et'. are we talking violent cowboys like in 'unforgiven', or friendly cowboys like in 'brokeback mountain'? please be the second one! now, the movie stars daniel craig, he fights aliens with a high tech bracelet and he doesnt know how he got it. he just wakes up one morning with a bracelet on his wrist. its like a wild west version of linday lohan! the movie takes place in arizona, which is weird, who would have thought that arizona would have a problem with aliens?

gp and the fergs

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coming up, its an all new episode of 'gp and the fergs', the fergs is making time with the drug lord's woman, and gp has to cut him loose!
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