+'mickey mouse is 80 years old today,' craig ferguson shares, 'he used to be in those short cartoons before movies. i wish they still did those, now they do commercials. you pay to get in the movie, then they do commercials at you! you know why they do that? because corporate america cares nothing about you, it has nothing but contempt for you, that is why our economy is in the crapper. now when i say corporate america, i do not mean cbs or any of the advertisers on cbs- but all the other ones!... ive really enjoyed doing this show, everybody, its been a great four years, thanks a lot... weve got to take a break, someones hanging around with a belt. i think im going to get in trouble for saying corporate america is to blame... but you know what? it is! it is! screw those guys! hey hey!'
+ dear aquaman skit
sitting at his desk now, craig shares a bit about his harsh words earlier: 'earlier i mentioned that corporate america doesnt value its costomers, and i'd like to take that back. i'd like to take it back, but i wont because its true!!! look out for my new show on my website...'

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